Super Affiliate Handbook

The book is authored by Rosalind Gardner. The language of the book is kept casual for the nontechnical reader to understand and at the same time it speaks to the hardcore affiliate marketer also.

Benefits of Super Affiliate Handbook

The eBook contains 222 pages in all. Each page is filled with information about affiliate marketing and is a lesson in itself. There are ample illustrations and charts throughout the eBook that help explain things in a better way.

The eBook includes 29 different ways in which affiliate websites can be promoted both for online and offline marketing.

There is a detailed mention of as many as 25 mistakes that affiliate entrepreneurs make occasionally and there is also an explanation of how these mistakes can be avoided.

The eBook is full of 'how to' strategies. There are detailed instructions on how to save work, time and expense on making the best of online marketing ventures.

For newbie entrepreneurs, there is a wonderful bonus in the form of the 5 step technique of making money from an online business.

There are also lessons on market assessment which helps people who learn what markets would be the best suited for their purposes.

What's Unique about Super Affiliate Handbook?

One of the most unique things about the Super Affiliate Handbook is that it does not neglect the niche of newbie entrepreneurs. The language is simple and there are simple strategies explained. In addition, there are bonus lessons which won't be found elsewhere such as how you can find the right product to sell. People are also taught how they can actually scrutinize markets and then find out the market that will be the most profitable for their purposes. This makes entrepreneurs discerning about what they must select and what they can give a miss.

But the best thing is that you can locate where free software is present on the Internet for all of your online needs and download it from there. You will also learn tactics on how you can negotiate an increase in commissions from your affiliates.

Other Features

The price of the Super Affiliate Handbook was $97 but it has now been discounted to $47. This is expected to be a short term discount after which the price will go back to normal. The product available is in the form of a downloadable eBook which eliminates the time and the shipping charges required for the product to arrive in your house.

There is also an eight week (56 day) money back guarantee with the product now. This is a 100% guarantee and during this period if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked.

Along with the book purchase, the buyer will also gain an access to a free consultation with the author Rosalind Gardner. This consultation is an exclusive offer available only to people who have purchased the book.


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