Super Affiliate Handbook

The book is authored by Rosalind Gardner. The language of the book is kept casual for the nontechnical reader to understand and at the same time it speaks to the hardcore affiliate marketer also.

Benefits of Super Affiliate Handbook

The eBook contains 222 pages in all. Each page is filled with information about affiliate marketing and is a lesson in itself. There are ample illustrations and charts throughout the eBook that help explain things in a better way.

The eBook includes 29 different ways in which affiliate websites can be promoted both for online and offline marketing.

There is a detailed mention of as many as 25 mistakes that affiliate entrepreneurs make occasionally and there is also an explanation of how these mistakes can be avoided.

The eBook is full of 'how to' strategies. There are detailed instructions on how to save work, time and expense on making the best of online marketing ventures.

For newbie entrepreneurs, there is a wonderful bonus in the form of the 5 step technique of making money from an online business.

There are also lessons on market assessment which helps people who learn what markets would be the best suited for their purposes.

What's Unique about Super Affiliate Handbook?

One of the most unique things about the Super Affiliate Handbook is that it does not neglect the niche of newbie entrepreneurs. The language is simple and there are simple strategies explained. In addition, there are bonus lessons which won't be found elsewhere such as how you can find the right product to sell. People are also taught how they can actually scrutinize markets and then find out the market that will be the most profitable for their purposes. This makes entrepreneurs discerning about what they must select and what they can give a miss.

But the best thing is that you can locate where free software is present on the Internet for all of your online needs and download it from there. You will also learn tactics on how you can negotiate an increase in commissions from your affiliates.

Other Features

The price of the Super Affiliate Handbook was $97 but it has now been discounted to $47. This is expected to be a short term discount after which the price will go back to normal. The product available is in the form of a downloadable eBook which eliminates the time and the shipping charges required for the product to arrive in your house.

There is also an eight week (56 day) money back guarantee with the product now. This is a 100% guarantee and during this period if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked.

Along with the book purchase, the buyer will also gain an access to a free consultation with the author Rosalind Gardner. This consultation is an exclusive offer available only to people who have purchased the book.


Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate

The author of the eBook is Chris Rempel who has been with the Internet business since three years, having a special expertise in making "money" websites, i.e. websites that generate money on their own.

Benefits of Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate

There are six chapters in the Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate. Each chapter deals with a particular method of Chris Rempel's moneymaking method and provides several insights into the topic.

The book also contains a bonus – Chris Rempel's fast-track methods to make good money by getting traffic onto commercial websites. The minimum number of visitors that you can get per day by using these methods is 150.

There is a chapter devoted on the demand mechanism that works in affiliate marketing. This chapter deals with reaching out to people who would be interested in the product and not playing out on a wide field.

There is information on how to convert people from being mere traffic to being buyers.

The book is good for people who are looking for an affiliate income generation method that works.

You can also learn how to create a few products. The book teaches you to make freeware and shareware products even if you have no special technical knowledge on the subject.

What's Unique about Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate ?

Chris Rempel's special book breaks a lot of myths about being an affiliate. At its very core, it is a book fashioned for people who want to make a lot of money through affiliate marketing without putting much effort. It puts forward the idea that affiliate marketing is not as difficult or even time-consuming as it is touted to be. It even shows that SEO can be a breeze, which is what most affiliate spend more than half their lives on. Also, the book delves on getting people on your websites, but the traffic that it helps you bring in is targeted traffic who will certainly take some kind of action upon visiting the website.

It is also one of the cheapest of the books on similar subjects.

Other Features

Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate is a mere $29.95, which makes it the cheapest book in the category. The payment is online through all major credit cards and PayPal, through a secure 128-bit ecommerce system. The book is instantly downloadable, which is done immediately after the payment. Hence, you do not need to worry about the delivery times and there are no additional shipping and handling costs here.

The book also comes with a guarantee. There is an 8 weeks (56 days) guarantee with the product. In case you are dissatisfied with the book within this period and feel that it is not the right product for you, you can ask them for a complete refund within this period and you shall get that without any questions asked.


Internet Wealth

Ewen Chia claims to have used the method himself and made a huge amount of money through ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Benefits of Internet Wealth

The book has 41 pages in all, detailing how people can use a very simple method to make money from affiliate marketing.

The description in the book has been explained in an easily implementable three-step formula.

There is a mention of the common mistakes that affiliate marketers make (especially the mistakes made by entrant marketers) and several secrets that make top marketers rule the roost are explained in the book.

The book is good for people who do not wish to waste a lot of time in their online moneymaking activities. It explains to them how they can make good money in a very little time using simple ideas.

The book has a feature known as the 7 Day Traffic Blueprint, which is a method to multiply the traffic received by the website in as few as seven days.

There is also a detailed description of how to go about lead generation methods in the most effective manner so that it helps build targeted lists.

What's Unique about Internet Wealth?

The first unique think about Ewen Chia's book is that it focuses on the time factor. While most affiliate marketing tutorials deal only with simple methods to bring traffic on websites and do affiliate business through them, Internet Wealth deals with doing this in the shortest time possible. Chia has himself made his money by implementing the methods described in the book and within a short time, and that is what is described in the book.

Unlike other similar products, there is a great emphasis on the mistakes that newbie Internet entrepreneurs make and how they can be avoided. The book is also priced more reasonably than most other products in its league.

Other Features

Internet Wealth is available as a downloadable eBook and the link becomes active to you as soon as you make the payment. This saves you handling and shipping charges and there are no delivery time-lags. The book accepts all forms of payments including major credit cards and PayPal.

You get a free bonus report with this eBook, which is imaginatively titled Sell the Shovels, which is another strategy to make good money from the Internet by putting in some little work. Both the Internet Wealth and the Sell The Shovels eBooks are available as a package for a price of $19.97, which beyond any doubt makes it one of the cheapest affiliate marketing eBook available on the Internet. However, this discount is just a one-off discount. The original price of the eBook is $97, which it will return back too once the discount period is over.

There is a eight week guarantee with the purchase. If not satisfied, a full refund can be claimed for and that will be done without any questions asked.


Secret Affiliate Code 2

The eBook described various methods of making money off the Internet, including methods such as search engine optimization (both on page and off page), affiliate marketing, doing market research and analyses about products that sell, etc.

The course is designed by Craig Beckta, who had also authored the online bestseller Secret Affiliate Code, of which this eBook is an improvisation.

Benefits of Secret Affiliate Code 2

First off, the course is a complete addition to the Super Affiliate Code and is not just some modification and improvisation of it. The two eBooks can be purchased as a complete set.

The course is written for the novice Internet entrepreneur – the person who does not yet know what the Internet is but is looking forward to making some money out of it. The eBook is a great example of how the Internet is for everyone.

The course speaks in great detail about how to judge competitors and keep them behind in the race for success. In fact, there are methods explained where you can use your competitors to make better profits for yourself.

Various tools of research are explained in the eBook that help you to find where the most lucrative online markets are and how you can keep them happy.

The program also contains various free templates that can be used almost as they are to make as much money from the online business as possible.

What's Unique about Secret Affiliate Code 2?

The course has the unique distinction that is directly speaks about making profits from Internet businesses and nothing else. Profit-earning is its number one objective, which sets it apart from other online courses that go too much into technicalities, most times downplaying the whole earning point.

Most techniques that people have been using so far for their online marketing are simplified in the Secret Affiliate Code 2. Methods such as keyword research, link building, traffic generation, etc. are explained in simpler ways that will also save time when implementing them. There is also a section on video marketing, which is a usually neglected topic in such moneymaking online courses.

But the most unique feature is how Secret Affiliate Code 2 speaks about how you can get targeted traffic to your website, which means every person that visits your website can become a customer.

Other Features

The actual price for the Secret Affiliate Code 2 is $134; however, it is currently available at a discounted price of $67. In addition, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which makes it a safe purchase. If you are not satisfied with the product, you are given a full refund and do not ask you questions.

There are $300 worth of bonuses provided free with this course. These include famous eBooks such as The 121 Page Affiliate Roadmap, The 10 Next Generation Training Videos, The Search Engine Domination Mini eBook, The Cracked Code 2 Mini eBook, The Daily Planner For Internet Marketers, The Money Mindset Mini eBook and The Total Newbie Pack. There are also interviews with Willie Crawford and Alex Goad included with the course.


Get More Buyers

The course is developed by Michael Rasmussen, who has made as much as $500,000 on ClickBank in a single year and has been recorded by them for this achievement.

Benefits of Get More Buyers

The most important benefit of Get More Buyers is that you learn how to build a very effective list of people and how to make them interested in your business so that you have targeted traffic. Unlike other lists, the list you will draw using Get More Buyers will be actually responsive to your marketing methods such as your emails.

The course speaks at length about the mistakes that most marketers make with their lists and how to avoid them.

There is specific mention of the world's best forums and how a targeted list of people can be obtained from there.

You will also learn a complete method to make profit on an automated basis. The course tells about the real meaning of residual income.

Get More Buyers is quite good for people who do not have their own product but wish to make some money online. It tells of three methods where people can get their own products to sell spending no more than an hour on it.

What's Unique about Get More Buyers?

There are many things unique about Get More Buyers and that is mainly because an inventive person such as Michael Rasmussen has designed the course. While other similar courses speak only about how to drive a large amount of traffic to your website, this course actually tells you how you can build your lists and make money out of it. You are explained methods where you can make additional money from every person that becomes a customer on your website.

You get various bonuses too. One of the best bonuses is learning how to make people promptly take some action toward purchasing your product. In a never-before kind of feature, you learn how to make your competitors help in building a list for you. There are also a lot more methods in which you can make money from affiliate marketing which are explained in this course.

Other Features

Get More Buyers is a complete set of educational material in the form of several eBooks. Each of the eBooks explains a particular list building strategy in its own inimitable style, loaded with various tips and hints to make the process much simpler.

The product is immediately downloadable. It is available for download as soon as the payment is made. This eliminates the shipping and delivery time and charges. The product was originally priced at $197 but the price is currently reduced to $97 for a short them.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee provided with the product, making it a risk-free purchase.